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Customized practical corrugated carton packaging for your products

Customer needs and background:

Customers have a variety of products, sent to all parts of the country, a single product design, purchase, use, management has brought a lot of trouble.

Our goal:

In order to overcome the above problems, an overall design scheme is provided.

Our design process:

According to the series of product information provided by customers, disposable cartons are adopted. According to data analysis, one pallet size, three length and width sizes and five height cartons are adopted to serialize the box type. A set of universal knife and card is designed according to a large amount of 200 point products to further reduce costs and save storage space.

Our mature products:

After using series of cartons, it not only solves the trouble for customers, but also provides a lot of convenience for our production and creates benefits.


National service hotline:

86-512-6715 8755
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