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The whole process temperature control 2 ~ 8 ℃ cold chain packaging is customized for you

Customer needs and background:

Customers need a kind of cold chain box for small batch and multi batch drug delivery, which is sent by point-to-point Ordinary Express. The temperature is required to be 2-8 degrees in the whole process, the temperature control time in summer is 120h, the temperature is monitored in real time, and the cold chain box position is tracked in real time.

Our goal:

In order to overcome the above problems, a convenient, safe and reliable cold chain box and monitoring system are provided.

Our design process:

Customers need express delivery, try to use lightweight materials, give consideration to fastness, reduce logistics costs, use cartons for the outer box, use our patented high-performance cold chain box, matching blow molding ice box, according to the latent heat of the refrigerant and relevant data, fill quantitative phase change refrigerant researched and developed by our company, use corrugated paper and buffer lining to make drug protection box, the inner box is equipped with the temperature of the cooperation unit The recorder can monitor the temperature and position in the box in real time.

Our mature products:

According to the design, the box has been tested and verified to meet the needs of customers.


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