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Customer needs and background:

The substrate can provide the chip with the functions of electrical connection, protection, support, heat dissipation and assembly, so as to realize multi pin, reduce the volume of packaging products, improve the electrical performance and heat dissipation, ultra-high density or multi chip modularization. The substrate will package various electrical components during the production process. In the process of production and transportation, if the substrate and the substrate or substrate are transported with other transportation, the substrate and the substrate will be transported with other products The collision between boxes will cause damage to basic or device, and scrap the whole package substrate. If there is static electricity during transportation, it will also cause the damage of the substrate.

The base plate box in the existing technology can be fixed and transported, but there is a problem that the substrate is not convenient to insert, which is time-consuming and laborious to use. Moreover, the manufacturing cost of the existing baseplate box is generally high, and the cost of mass production is too large, so it needs to be solved.

Our goal:

In order to overcome the above problems, a modular anti-static substrate storage and transportation box with convenient use and low cost is provided.

Our design process:

The thickness of the base plate is usually between 0.5-3.2mm, and the edge around the substrate is generally 3-5mm away from the components. In order to protect the safety of the substrate in storage and transportation, the substrate needs to be fixed in a limited space, and the substrate components do not contact with external objects. During the design process, it is found that the overall strength of the substrate plate is high. As long as the edges of both sides of the substrate are fixed, the whole substrate can be well positioned Based on the above findings, based on the above findings, combined with our company's overall packaging experience, we designed a general base plate packaging by using plastic absorbing technology, antistatic buffer material and antistatic PP board.

Our mature products:

Through the combination of modular anti-static plastic absorption board and high-strength antistatic PP board, the storage and transfer box packaging of antistatic substrate with tolerance of less than 0.5mm is designed. The production is in batch and easy to install. The base plate is separated and clamped by the spacer on the anti-static plastic absorbing gasket to prevent the mutual collision between the substrates, and can also prevent the substrate from static damage, isolate static electricity, and connect vertically from above, which is convenient for taking and placing, so it is very practical.


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