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Customized multifunctional wood packaging for you

Customer needs and background:

Customers need a multi-functional package. Put the semi-finished products into the packing box, transport them to foreign countries, assemble the semi-finished products into products, and then put them into the packing again for shipment. The package needs to meet the export requirements, moisture-proof and waterproof, the protection of component products and finished products in one, beautiful atmosphere, strong and durable.

Our goal:

In order to overcome the above problems, a convenient, safe and reliable package is provided.

Our design process:

Customers need to design the packaging style of finished products before they need to ship them. According to the product parameters and transportation conditions provided by customers, relying on the team's many years of packaging design experience, they use wood structure packaging style, movable strut, anti-skid buffer materials, etc. the transportation conditions are water rich, the box foot adopts plastic molding structure, the product is heavy and has wheels, and the sliding structure is made on one side of the wooden box for convenience Product handling. The semi-finished components are combined with corrugated box and cushioning material, fully borrowed, filled and fixed by inflatable packaging.

Our mature products:

Through solid wood board processing into wooden box, fumigation, add various accessories, wooden box structure is reasonable, durable, safe and reliable.


National service hotline:

86-512-6715 8755
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