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Customized heavy-duty packaging for your high-precision instruments

Customer needs and background:

It is necessary to transport a package of high-precision instruments. The relevant components of the high-precision instruments are sent to the customer and assembled on site. The vibration requirements are relatively strict. The packaged products need to meet the relevant requirements of drop test.

Our goal:

In order to overcome the above problems, a safe, reliable and convenient package is provided.

Our design process:

According to the customer's products and relevant weak point parameters. Considering the performance of a variety of materials, the outer box and the outer box are made of AA corrugated board, with PE cushion added at the bottom and plywood tray. The inner cushion is formed by EPE combination according to the past experience. It fails to pass the drop test, but the cost is too high and the loading is troublesome. Finally, polyurethane foam is used on site, with simple mold and low cost Control, meet the drop test.

Our mature products:

The new type of polyurethane foam inner material is easy to use and the cost is controllable. The customers are very satisfied.


National service hotline:

86-512-6715 8755
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