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Cost saving reusable reusable packaging

Customer needs and background:

The products supplied by the supplier are supplied with disposable corrugated boxes and wooden pallets. The transportation cost is high. We hope to reduce the cost and use turnover packaging for shipment.

Our goal:

In order to overcome the above problems, a recyclable, foldable and recyclable package is provided.

Our design process:

According to the carton samples provided by customers, the mechanical strength such as edge pressure and burst resistance are tested, and the cost analysis is made. Finally, the new scheme adopts the "meter" shaped PP board of our company, adopts seamless welding technology, and uses special plastic pallet, so that the physical strength of the whole package is higher, the volume can be reduced by 85% when recycling, and the cost of recycling packaging materials is lower.

Our mature products:

The new type of recyclable packing box increases the cost by 150%, but it can be recycled for 50 times, and the transportation cost of single product is greatly reduced. The customer was very satisfied.


National service hotline:

86-512-6715 8755
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